Mortons The Padlock has been an ironmongers for more than 140 years and has been owned by the Cosham family
for over 50 years.

During these years there have been many changes, not least, expanding the original shop at Redhill, and opening
a branch in Oxted. This gave us the opportunity to expand our stock and increase our services, including introducing
a paint mixing machine at Oxted and an arts & crafts section at Redhill.

We are constantly being described as an Aladdin’s cave or a Tardis. With over 20,000 different lines stocked it’s
difficult to ‘pigeon-hole’ us. Although we still consider ourselves ironmongers we have, over the years, constantly added
to our range.

Obviously we can’t keep everything, but we have many catalogues which you can look at and we will gladly make
a special order for you.

This website is intended to be a ‘taster’ of who we are and what we do. To really appreciate Mortons please come
and see us or give us a call.



One thing we have not changed is our attitude to our customers.
We actually enjoy our work! If people leave happy, we’re happy.



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